Surge in break-ins at pubs, shops, offices and construction sites during coronavirus lockdown

Burglars have been targeting shops, pubs, offices and construction sites during the coronavirus lockdown. Police forces across the UK are having to carry out extra night patrols in town centres.

Property security specialists, VPS UK, have collated intelligence data from police reports, news items and their own customer feedback. In the last week of March they saw a sudden rise in burglaries and attempted thefts in Manchester, Merseyside, Gwent and Cleveland.

“It’s no surprise that when whole city centres are deserted, that opportunistic thieves will take their chances, especially with an already stretched police service.” Says David Wormald, key account director for hospitality & retail at VPS. “And because so many people are staying at home now, there’s even fewer chances that an attempted burglary on a commercial site will be spotted and reported.”

Mr Wormald said that it will be worth checking UK crime statistics to see if one area has witnessed a greater rise in criminal activity on commercial premises than another.

“That would be one indication of greater vulnerability for shops and pubs, for example, and may highlight where additional security measures might be needed.” He concludes.

If your business premises has become unoccupied, please contact us to confirm that you are covered. Our coronavirus FAQs explain how you can look after your premises whilst it is unoccupied.