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Property Owners Insurance

The Buildings and Property damage section covers damage to the main building due to any of the perils specified in the insurer’s policy wording. The insurer will need to know the sums insured for you building; this amount should cover the total cost of rebuilding the property from scratch including debris removal, professional fees and additional costs to comply with Public Authority Requirements.

Landlord’s Contents covers all of the fixtures and fittings you own that the tenant will leave behind when they move out. This might include furniture, carpets, curtains and blinds, appliances and satellite dishes as long as it is owned by the Landlord. 

This section ensures that you are covered for the loss of rent when your property is damaged and your tenant cannot occupy it, as long as the cause of the damage is covered under the Buildings section of your policy. Loss of rent will also reimburse you for additional costs of alternate accommodation, which is substantially the same as the property insured, for your tenant.

Property owners’ liability insurance covers your legal liability to the public should your premises cause bodily injury or damage to property. The limit of indemnity is the most the insurer will pay for a claim, starting at £2 million and up to £10 million. This amount should cover everything from a tile falling from your roof or a tree on the property collapsing to an electrical fire.

Employers’ Liability is legally required if you are a limited company with employees or a partnership/sole trader with non-family employees. All our insurers provide at least the minimum cover of £5 million. This covers the cost of claims for injury or illness to employees resulting from their work where they believe the employer is responsible.

Terrorism cover is optional and can be added to your insurance on request. Without terrorism cover, damage to your premises caused by terrorist acts is excluded. This covers damage to the buildings caused by terrorist actions as defined in your policy wording up to the sums insured, prevention of access due to emergency service intervention and loss of rent due to damage causing the premises to be uninhabitable.

Legal Expenses cover is optional and can be added to your insurance on request. This section insures you against the costs incurred in legal disputes connected to your property within the limits set out in the insurer’s policy wording. Such circumstances that could trigger this claim are tenant eviction and rent arrears pursuit, property infringement such as trespass or nuisance and defence for criminal prosecution brought against you in relation to the property.

Rent guarantee cover is optional and can be added to your insurance on request. This covers you for rent owed by your tenant up to the limits in the insurer’s policy wording. You will only be able to claim on rent guarantee if you are also claiming on the legal expenses section for eviction or rent arrears pursuit. 

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