Specialist Insurance

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Benifit specialist insurance :

  • £ 26 K worth of portable hand tools cover for employe

  • Wide definition of ‘vehicle’ to include trailers and agricultural implements
  • Loan or hire whilst vehicles are in for service or repair
  • Unaccompanied demonstration
  • Advice and support from specialists in your industry

  • New for old vehicle replacement


Specialist Insurance

We work to secure bespoke covers that you won’t find anywhere else

Expert Knowledge

A recognised leading provider of specialist UK insurance covering Motor Trade, Construction and Chauffeur

Service Driven

Emphasis on personal service with a dedicated account manager and an in house claims team

Exactly Specialist Insurance What do?

An Insurance Specialist has specialised knowledge in risk management. A cornerstone of wealth management is to manage the risk of life and investment.

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We have specialist schemes for the following types of cover:

  • General Business Insurance
  • Technology Insurance
  • Recruitment Agency and Consultant Insurance
  • Craft Brewers Insurance
  • Water Treatment Insurance
  • Self Drive Hire Insurance
  • Small Business Insurance
  • Nightclub Insurance
  • Recovery Operators Insurance
  • Fleet Insurance
  • New and Used Car Dealerships
  • Electrician Insurance
  • Painter and Decorators Insurance
  • Gas Fitter Insurance
  • Builders Insurance
  • Gardeners Insurance
  • Interior Designers Insurance
  • Domestic Cleaners Insurance
  • Commercial Cleaners Insurance
  • Demolition Contractor Insurance
  • Handyman Insurance
  • Locksmith Insurance
  • Glazier Insurance
  • Lawyer Insurance
  • Accountant Insurance
  • Bookkeepers Insurance
  • Marketing Agency Insurance
  • Software Developer Insurance
  • Consultant Insurance

Make a claim

Our in house claims team will support your business by minimising the amount of arduous paperwork and wasted time on hold to your insurer.
They’ll provide you with the necessary advice when making a claim and do all legwork for you.

Call 020 8298 2100

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